Hong Kong Dessert Tour

Why book this tour

Hong Kong is the culinary Mecca and desserts are basic human rights in Hong Kong.

People eat desserts after their three meals, after a movie date, after hiking, after church, after work, after shopping and plus whenever they have free time. Desserts from different culinary factions in China compete with each other on this small island. Chinese desserts could be made off fruits, egg, rice, nuts, taro, beans, sugar cane, cheese, flour, and something more exotic. Chinese spent as much time on dessert development as they did on building the Greatwall. The small dish apparently carries unproportional weight in its own cultural context. In Hong Kong, restaurant rankings in other categories might be more predicable but desserts would only raise controversy. They are just a thousand best dessert in a thousand people’s eye.


In this tour, we will be sampling approximately 10 desserts invented or adapted in Greater China region. We handpicked these eateries not only because they are delicious, but also because they are of different materials, structures, styles, temperatures, sweet levels and cultural backgrounds. The depth of sweetness is by itself a profound journey. Walking in and out of restaurants, dessert shops and boutique cafes, we can dig deeper into the local culinary history. Our foodie guide will elaborate on why some restaurants can sell the same product since WWII and how some others have constantly evolved and expanded beyond everyone’s imagination. The fascinating part start with the sweet spoon, but will end with all the lovely stories behind them.

Our tour is perfect for foodies who have always wanted to try all different desserts but never get to collect all gems in one go. This is a pilgrim for people with sweet tooth.


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Age: 12 years old or above 

Who: Foodies with sweet tooth 

Wear and accessory: earphones for comfortable access to personal audio receiver, comfortable shoes, and maybe umbrella in rainy days

Note: please only eat a very light lunch before joining us

Meet Up Point: Sheung Wan MTR B Exit

Allergy: our dessert sampling may include egg, cheese, peanut, nuts, milk, mango, lard, etc and we recommend people with the allergies, especially the ones mentioned above, to let us know before the tour starts

Cancellation Policy: Please note all tickets are neither exchangeable nor refundable. Tour will only be cancelled under announcement of Red/Black rainstorm warning or Typhoon #3 or above from HK observatory

Reschedule Policy: if you have any unexpected reason to reschedule the tour, please notify us 12 hours in advance

Private Tour

If you are interested in a small group private tour for friends gathering or for a corporate outing, please contact info@liuda.com.hk for quotation and special arrangement. Click here for more information on private tour. 


Know Your Tour Guides 


Maria is from Hong Kong. Despite her fluency in local Hong Kong history, she is probably a better cook than a tourguide. She loves adding little ingredients when she make desserts to make the unique "Maria flavor". Just like every other cook in the city, their best kept secrets will eventually be revealed in desserts.