Q: Why do I need to bring my own Earphone?

A: We are one step head of our industry. Usually Hong Kong tourguides bring along a speaker to project their voice, but this approach may annoy and disturb the neighborhood being visited. In our tour, everyone would receive a personal audio receiver to hear clearly from the guide even if one was standing on a crowded street. To ensure that accessory is clean and comfortable, we recommend everyone to bring along their own earphones  

Q: Do you have tour that goes to the PEAK?

A: Unfortunately, we don't. Peak is definitely a wonderful attraction in Hong Kong and we always suggest people to visit around or after sunset to seize the prime view. Our walking tours are better visited during the day. So we suggest our customers to visit peak after our tours. And we also suggest people to spend more time on PEAK - instead of joining a group - to slowly enjoy the best surprise that Hong Kong has to offer. 

Q: Can you arrange transportation or hotel pick up?

A: Unfortunately we don't. We realized that people always need to wait on the bus for hours to pick up visitors from other hotels. It is not the best use of our guests’ valuable time in Hong Kong so we don't do it. Our tours are usually 2-3 hours but we don't waste half of the time on bus like other 6-7 hours tour  

Q: Does the tour include any jewelry shop or pearl factory visit?

A: No, it doesn't. Our guides are paid very competitively so they don't need commission from other shops. If we ever bring you to a shop, it might be a local attraction selling dried snake egg or colonial armory. Again, your time is valuable and so is mine. We won’t keep people waiting in those shops.

Q: Do I need to pay the tourguide tips?

A: No, you don't need to pay tips. We will deliver our very best tour anyway regardless of tips so you shouldn't feel uncomfortable at all during the tour. If you do appreciate our tour, please help give us good reviews on TripAdvisor as our guides will receive bonus based on customer reviews.

Q: What is the tourguides’ background?  

A: Our tourguides are much more than just ordinary guides. Our team members all have 2 degrees and can speak 3 languages on average. The tour experience is largely driven by the qualification and experience of tourguides, which we can proudly declare that they are all experts in respective fields (art gallery, folk tales, colonial history, politics, etc). We are not just showing you around. We will empower you to discover the unseen part of Hong Kong and dig up all the hidden gems  in concrete jungle.

Q: I am traveling alone, can I still join the tour?

A: Yes, of course. Liuda was designated to accommodate individual travelers and we will start the tour with even only one visitor. But when you join the tour, you very likely will find some other individual travelers joining the tour. You can even find friends of similar interest from our tour.  

Q: I can’t make it on the public tour date, how can I book a private tour?

A: Yes, private tour is available for all our tours and language options. Our tourguides are generally available for private tour if you can book one week in advance. (Please email to However, based on our experience, the private tour is a more economic option when you have a group of 4-5 people.

Q: I am interested in checking out attraction ABC and XYZ, can you give us a tailored tour for attractions that we are interested?

A: Thank you for reaching out to us, but unfortunately we don't do tailored tour. We spent massive amount of time to design and develop the best experience possible. So it is our job to tell you where to go and to give you pleasant surprise from the off beaten path. Please trust our expertise. If you have birthday occasion or want to propose during the tour, please let us know – we can certainly arrange something.