Liuda means casual walk in Chinese and we are a cultural guided tour operator. We aim to window different sides of Hong Kong culture through carefully curated walking tours to both Hong Kong local residents and overseas visitors. Our ultimate goal is to package these cultural touch into interesting and accessible experience for both individuals and organizations. Please contact us if you have any question or suggestion at 




Media Coverage / 媒体报道

South China Morning Post: Searching for ghosts in the haunted lanes of Hong Kong

后毕业时代: 就是那个神奇导游!


南早指南: 荷李活道畫廊遊 我們一起來“溜達”


后毕业时代: 溜达溜达,就溜达出一个有文化的香港



Hiring! / 招聘! 

我们总是在为五个溜达团招聘新的导游,如果你符合以下条件,并且想试试,就请发信给我们吧 -

1) 大学学历,能流利使用两种语言或以上

2) 性格外向,有耐心,积极主动,会照顾人,对旅游以及分享有热情 

3) 术业有专攻 - 有一门属于自己的学术强项 (艺术,政治,法律,历史,传说,摄影等) 

4) 强大的沟通技能,或是导游/教书/演习的相关经验

5) 好奇心!

We are always looking for new tourguides for our 5 tours. Please reach out to us at if you meet the following requirement

1) a university degree with fluency in at least 2 languages, 

2) a caring, open-minded, proactive personality and passion for travel and sharing 

3) expertise in any particular field (art gallery, politics, local traditions, legal system, geology, photography, history, etc) 

4) strong communication skill or prior experience in tourguide/teaching/theater 

5) intellectual curiosity!